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new 4X strategy game, Pax Nova announced

Pax Nova announced

Greywolf Entertainment, the team behind, Dawn of Andromeda, has another new 4X strategy title on the way. Say hello to Pax Nova, another 4X strategy game with a very familiar feel.

In Pax Nova you take control of one of three alien races vying for dominance on a galactic stage. Fans of games like Stellaris that are used to potentially dozens of factions may feel a bit disappointed at the lack of variety, but Greywolf are looking to fill in the gaps with lots of gameplay elements and player agency. As you guide your faction politically, scientifically and militarily, you’ll have lots of choices to make. You’ll need to direct specific research, solve political crises and in general be a wonderkid in terms of problem-solving over the course of a game. The game will also apparently include a deep diplomatic system with multiple options for conflict resolution, although more details about this aren’t currently known. And rather than a real-time setup, all the exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination takes place via a turn-based gridlocked system of hex tiles. Fans of Civilization may find a bit to love here.

One other interesting twist is the way in which the devs want to handle Early Access. Pax Nova is planned to land on Steam in an almost-complete state. With all the basic features ready to go, but with just additional factions and events, as well as polish and balancing left to take care of. Hopefully this translates to a shorter overall stint in Early Access, meaning game-hungry 4X fans can get their hands on the game sooner.

Pax Nova will release on PC via Steam Early Access at some point in the future. Check out the full announcement trailer for this new strategy game down below. You can wishlist the game on Steam if you want to keep track of when it does land on Early Access. Until the Steam launch, head over to the official site for more news about this new game.

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