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SCS teases Kansas expansion for American Truck Simulator

SCS teases Kansas expansion for American Truck Simulator

Built off of the back of the smash-hit success of European Truck Simulator series, American Truck Simulator continues down the road bringing new expansions and more content to gamers all over the globe. As for new news about the game, a recent Steam announcement revealed a new American Truck Simulator expansion. And we know for sure that one missing locale will be included, The Sunflower State. In its first post for 2023, the studio cheekily dubs that this year will be “The Year of the Sunflower.”

American Truck Simulator has already gotten several expansion packs adding new content to the game in the form of trucks, cargo and bunches of new locales. Developers SCS Software have been hard at work continually patching the game to keep fans happy. The map expansions for American Truck Simulator have been continually adding more content, focusing on the western states. Often, these areas are vast stretches with very sparse population, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t full of interesting details and people. This new expansion aims to fill in more of those gaps within the game.

Check out the trailer below for the new expansion.

The new American Truck Simulator expansion would include new states and road routes for players to goof around in. We don’t know for sure what states and locations therein will be included, but we can make some educated guesses. A few key states remain critically absent from the game’s roster; such as North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. These states have tons of culture and history behind them, so it will be great to get to explore the grand, open road within their digital borders.

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As for Kansas, drivers in this digital adventure are likely to see, it’s hard to know beyond the trailer teased by the developers.  The ever-expanding map of American Truck Simulator aims to often include a bunch of elements of topography and geography from the states rendered within, and Kansas will likely be no different. Some users are also speculating, or at least hopeful, that the agriculture industry within the game will get expanded in-game. The states slowly being trickled into the game’s world are often pretty important to various aspects of US agriculture after all.

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