How to be a Professional Athlete in BitLife

How to be a Professional Athlete in BitLife

The mobile life sim BitLife allows for plenty of experimentation and nonsense on the part of the player. You can do pretty much anything. The developers even put in weekly challenges that players are meant to complete to engage in the more weird and unpredictable elements of the game. The premise is simple, you live a simulated life as a person going all the way from being born to death, the middle bit is entirely up to you.

And as many kids will tell you, being a sports superstar is a common aspiration for many. A lot of people manage to achieve this dream of some measure, but fewer still get to the level of superstardom that often inspired them in the first place. But whether it’s a love of the game or something else, a lot of people try. And BitLife will let you chase that same dream. With that in mind, here’s how to be a professional athlete in BitLife.

How to be a Professional Athlete in BitLife

You will want to focus on your stats to begin with. There are a lot of stats in the game that affect your path in life, you will want to focus on having as much athleticism, discipline, karma, smarts, and willpower as you can. From there, just focus on school and daily life.

When you get to high school, the real work starts. You have the option under Activities during this time to join a sports team, Your chances of getting on the team are entirely dependant on your base stats. If you have 100% Athleticism, you will have a very good shot of getting on the sports team of your choice. If you’re good at leading the team to victory and socialize with your teammates, they will eventually nominate you as team captain, this can be helpful for later.

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From there, it’s a matter of keeping up momentum and focusing on getting into college to play your chosen sport there. Make sure to stay on top of your grades during this time to make it easier to get into a good school. Good grades are a big part of this process, so keep them up. The next step is to play at a collegiate level in the sport of your choice.

After completing four seasons of college sports, you’ll have the opportunity to declare your eligibility for the draft to become a fully-fledged professional athlete in BitLife. Getting drafted isn’t easy as you have to hope for the RNG to roll well, and then negotiate the offers you get. You can choose to accept a given contract, turn it down, or negotiate for more money if you wish.

From here, you transition into a new stat, Greatness. This is the measure of your overall ability and star power as a professional athlete in BitLife. Getting this to increase means training. You need to increase your strength, balance, cardio, flexibility and physical stats to have the best chance here. Practice the skills in the Activities menu that are relevant for your sport as well. If you’re playing Football, focus on tackling, for example. Although keep in mind your position on the team. A wide receiver will want more catching and running ability. Continue training and practicing to raise your stats.

After being drafted and going through training, it’s time to progress through your career. Every time you trigger an Age up, you roll for how that year’s season plays out. The better your stats, the better the outcome.

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