How to polish furniture in Animal Crossing New Horizons

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The Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons is here. The free 2.0 update already dropped, adding a ton of new content and features. The amount of stuff in these updates is huge. The updates include 16 new villagers to entice to your island, and a slew of other new features. Cooking is now a thing, for one, and then there’s the massive amount of new items and customization options. To go along with all of that, the paid DLC has added a bunch of new stuff as well.

One of the core new features in the DLC is the ability to make custom homes for tourist villagers. This is meant so that you put your best design foot forward. You can customize and place items in new ways, and it’s also much easier to customize items with certain NPCs at Harv’s co-op. One of the more interesting things you can do to spruce up a design is to polish furniture in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Polished furniture has a nice little sparkle effect on it, making it stand out. You can use this to draw attention to certain things in a room. It’s a great way to finish off that interior design you worked so hard on.

How to polish furniture in Animal Crossing New Horizons

After the DLC has been downloaded, you will get a phone call from Tom Nook, informing you that you have been hired to help design new homes for vacationing villagers. Players will be invited to head to the Dodo airport to get going. When you arrive on the island, the DLC starts properly.

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Wardell and Niko will introduce you to the new decoration side of the game. The DLC centers around designing homes. After you have designed a few vacation spots, Wardell will call you up. So just play the DLC for a bit before you get the phone call. When you get that call, meet with Wardell and Lottie, where they will talk to you about cleaning and polishing.

You will now have the polish ability unlocked once this scene finishes. You will get the cleaning attire to signal unlocking this ability. To polish the furniture, press the L button to change into your cleaning attire. Hold A while standing near a piece of furniture to then polish it. The longer you hold A, the more you polish it. There’s an upper limit on how long the polish sparkle lasts, so don’t expect it to last forever, no matter how long you polish it.

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