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Yakuza 7 DLC teased with more new content, New Game+

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s DLC packs have been very well received by fans in Japan. And now, a missing addition has been met with some excitement. The newest DLC will bring a bunch of new content to the base game of Yakuza 7. The biggest new addition is the inclusion of a New Game Plus mode, or New Game+.

New Game+ is a great option for players who are veterans at a particular game. At some point, you learn the ins and outs of fighting enemies and bosses, and you hunger for more challenge. The New Game+ mode in the new Yakuza 7 DLC is just the first of the new elements coming though. Sega is still teasing western and Japanese audiences with more details, but we can make some guesses as to what else we can expect.

Previous DLC packs for Yakuza 7 have integrated a ton of new content as well. Bringing new and old characters back into the story has helped ground long-time fans. Players have also gotten more and expanded mini-games as part of DLC packs over the years. Of course, the business and combat elements of the crime sim have been expanded with new missions and moves respectively. This new DLC should help round out the base game into the peak Yakuza 7 experience.

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Check out the trailer for the base game down below.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is out now on PlayStation 4 in Japan. Gamers in the west have had to wait a fair bit of time for the game to come out in their regions. The base game, along with the new DLC, will come to the west later in 2020.

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