How to fix the Friendship Sticker Printypress in Ooblets

How to fix the Friendship Sticker Printypress in Ooblets

When you get deeper into the story of Ooblets, Mayor Tinstle has some jobs for you. One story beat sends you into Arah’s house, which is the dark purple one, and she asks for help. She has a problem with a device called the Friendship Sticker Printypress, and she wants you to fix it. Arah will ask you to bring her these three materials she needs to fix it up: six sporbets, 10 nurnies, and one sweetiebeetie.

The nurnies are your first pickup. Run up the rocks around your farm and press the Q’ button to enter the farming mode. From there, you will need to remove said rocks, each one requires six energy to break apart. This means you will need a total of 18 energy to break them all and claim the nurnies you need. You can also find nurnies around the town from random pickups as well.

The six Sporbets are the next grab for this quest. You need to find these mushrooms scattered around the game map. The mushrooms are mostly found in the grassy areas around Badgetown on the ground. Just find them and pick them as you go about other tasks. You will need three energy for each pickup, meaning you will need to spend another 18 energy on this.

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The final item you need is a sweetiebeetie. It’s a vegetable you can grow in your garden, and you can buy the seeds from Meed’s Seeds shop. You can find the seeds shop right where you enter town from your farmhouse. You can buy the sweetiebeetie seed from the shop for five gummies. From there just plant it at your farm and tend to it for three days to get your harvest.

Once you have all three of the items in the right quantities, head back to Arah’s house. From there, she will take the parts and rebuild the Friendship Sticker Printypress.

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