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EVE Online’s PLEX for Good raises $100,000 for Australia

Plex for Good

As thousands of people and families around Australia try to recover from losing their livelihoods and things they own to the ravages of wildfires, the gaming community has stepped up. Gamers across the globe have been raising millions to help fund firefighting efforts and assist various charity organizations in the country. One particular gaming group has just announced that it raised more than $100,000. That is the EVE Online and their PLEX for Good efforts.

The PLEX for Good effort has been used several times in the past as a part of CCP and the EVE Online community to help out with charities and recovery efforts from various disasters. CCP kicked off the recent fundraising effort as part of its ongoing efforts to raise money to help others. PLEX for Good sees players donating in-game PLEX, which is tallied by developer CCP, and then they donate the dollar value of the total donations after the end of the event.

The company has been running PLEX for Good for some time, since 2005, raising more than $578,000 across various events.

There are many EVE Online players all over the world and even a fair few in Australia.  One, in particular, turned out to be a firefighter in NSW, and they sent out their own message of thanks to the EVE community for all of their generous support. What you Capsuleers from around the world have done for us has just blown my mind away,” he says, recording the video from a mobile phone while working on a fireline. “Thank you very much, and keep up the good fight.”

Other MMOs have jumped on the chance to help as well. Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games brought their own efforts to bare with fundraising efforts in Black Desert Online. The company is currently raising money for both Australia and Turkey as these countries have both been affected by major natural disasters.

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