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Rogue Spaceship Samurai Director drops SOV in system, and resets HERO standings

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Throughout the history of the game, there are a huge amount of tales and cautionary stories about how trust placed in an individual member can lead to the collapse and dissolution of an alliance. Band of Brothers, GoonSwarm, and dozens of others have been dissolved from the inside by directors who have betrayed what their organization stood for, changing the road ahead for hundreds if not thousands of players.

As PL and HERO continue their de facto war in Catch, the seemingly lax leadership security of HERO member Spaceship Samurai has come back to bite them in the ass again, this time in the form of the third major SOV incident in recent memory.

This time, the failure came in the form of former Director for HONOR Captain Disturbed.  After having been afk for months, he returned to find that both himself and an alt still had high-level roles within the organization.  His first major move was to ask HONOR leader Securitas in assistance for procuring a super.  Sec agreed to a degree and provided a portion of the cost.  But citing a much more pressing need to keep the lights on for HONOR, refused to provide more.

This was apparently rather upsetting to the newly returned Disturbed, who then decided to get his revenge.  Mostly by screwing over the entire coalition.  He then proceeded to abuse his still active roles and offlined SBUs and TCUs within the system of JBY6-F.  After the SOV drop in the system, he used the confusion to steal billions in ISK and assets and run from his former allies.

As a result of the SOV drop, the recently returned PL rushed into the system with supers and capitals to online SOV structures in an attempt to take the system.  This was quickly countered by HERO forces who flash formed a fleet of subcaps and capitals to attack the PL forces and destroy PL placed SOV structures, hoping to reclaim the system.

The initial subcap fleet of HERO Caracals and kitchen sink support was badly beaten by the PL caps and supers.  But as PL did not wish to risk their heavy assets for an unnecessary system, they fled as the main Tengu/Eagle fleet arrived.

The height of the engagement between HERO and PL saw several HERO capitals sacrifice themselves to allow a roaming PL gang to be taken out.

This effort was further complicated by the fact that Disturbed also was able to reset Spaceship Samurai’s standings to the coalition members.  Which resulted in a leadership scramble to fix the issue while organizing the defensive effort.

Disturbed’s final act of retribution was to attempt to offline SBUs in another HERO system, which failed as the SBUs were replaced and he was podded and kicked.

The HERO forces despite losing up to an estimated 80 Billion ISK in ship losses and theft, were able to retain the system.  This does leave some doubting the security of leadership within the coalition, or the quality of Securitas’ leadership.  These concerns have yet to see a formal response from leadership.

The quick response of PL with their substantial force has also led some to speculate that the rogue was in fact a PL spy who returned at the behest of PL to sow chaos upon their return to Catch.  This is as of yet unconfirmed.

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