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Sony’s PlayStation VR could get finger-tracking


According to a newly filed patent Sony could be working on some new PSVR control schemes that use finger tracing technology. The patent was, first spotted by, suggesting a controller that would work natively with the PlayStation to provide mode fine motor control within VR games. Motion-tracking in VR has been a thing that has seen serious development in other fields. with versions of the tech applied to robotics and other elements to make truly impressive machines. Seeing it come to gaming in the PlayStation is great.

Sony notes in its patent that it will use a variety of specialized sensors placed on the controller calling them  a “plurality of sensor units.” These will track the minute motions with our fingers to allow for more precise control and an increased number of inputs. What the patent calls a “sensor support part” would be included to help process these inputs most likely.

Check out the patent file images below to get a mockup for the look of the device and its various control surfaces.


Sony has managed to sell more than 5 million PSVR units since the launch of the PS4, suggesting a wide array of users interested in the technology. No doubt that the cost of the hardware compared to more high-end units like the Valve Index weighs in on that success.

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The fact that Sony is iterating on the design ahead of he launch of the PS5 lends credence to the idea that Sony wants to return to the system and create a more refined version of their VR platform for the next console generation. Sony hasn’t officially announced any details regarding a new or improved PSVR, so this could just be basic ideas that don’t make it past the drawing board, only time will tell.

It’s still a major improvement over the gimmick-chasing PlayStation Move controller that followed the Wii too closely and got burned. The finger tracking tech in this patent is similar to that of Valve Index’s controller, suggesting that Sony is taking lessons from one of the leaders in VR tech at the moment.

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