How to get a Waterskin in Medieval Dynasty

How to get a Waterskin in Medieval Dynasty

Water is the resource you most need in Medieval Dynasty. Aside from all the crafting, you need water to live. You could drink from the river, but that really limits your travel range in-game. The drinking water is much more useful if you can bring it with you. So for that reason, you really need a Waterskin in Medieval Dynasty. Here’s how to get one as simple as possible.

You could buy one in town, but it’s very expensive. So what do you sell in the early game to make money? You can make the stone axe with 10 sticks and 2 rocks. You could also invest 6 sticks and 2 rocks into a stone skinning knife. Just gather resources and make as many of these as you can. This is probably one of the best ways to make money in the very early game of Medieval Dynasty. Just hop into the crafting menu to make the items and then dump then as a bundle to the vendors in town. This is a great way to earn some quick cash from your crafting runs, as you can use the excess resources not used on other builds to make cash. Be warned, this approach is very slow going.

Once you have 200 Coins, you can get a Waterskin in Medieval Dynasty. from Uniegost in that same village. That all is just on method though. You could of course just snatch one from other people that have one, especially if you don’t mind taking a standing hit. There is one other option though.

You can also get a waterskin for free, which is always a better option. If you speak to the trader Uniegost, you will find out that he has been having trouble with wolves in the area. The problem also entangles a local hunter who seems to really have a personal grudge against the trader. Uniegost will ask you to go confront the hunter to find out what he knows about the situation.

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How to get a Waterskin in Medieval Dynasty

Head out into the wilds to the waypoint. Follow the waypoint to the hunter’s cabin, and make sure you stop at an area with broken fencing shown on the map above, look for the white arrow on the map. Once there, you should see a small ditch by the road, there’s an upturned cart there.  No idea how it got there, but you have more important stuff to worry about. Inside that cart, you will find a shiny new Waterskin. And because it’s not owned by an NPC, you can take it guilt-free.

Once you have completed the quest, take your new Waterskin on your adventures.

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