How does power boosting gear in Marvel’s Avengers work?

How does power boosting gear work in Marvel’s Avengers?

Every hero in the game has their own gear loadout and abilities. Marvel’s Avengers is all about making your heroes even more powerful so they can take on more dangerous foes. There’s a thing called power boosting gear in Marvel’s Avengers that’s pretty useful for this. Players will be able to take their various heroes into unique playstyles, as well as boosting their overall power.

The basics of boosting gear are that you invest various bits of loot and rare resources to boost their base stats. You will need a bunch of different resources to do this, as power boosting gear in Marvel’s Avengers requires different kinds of drops for each of the items you want to boost. You can give them additional defenses, increase their melee prowess, or enhance the amount of damage their abilities are capable of dealing to enemies. Each type of gear will have its own boosts that are possible, as some gear types are more focused on offense or defense.

As the player journey’s through the various missions, you will find a variety of items. Each one will have a power level attached to it when you examine it in the inventory screen. When examining a gear piece, look at the bottom of that screen to see it’s boosting stat. The screen will show you how many times you can apply a power boost to that piece of kit. If you get higher powered items, they have more chances to get a power boost.

You also need to look at the listing below that to see what resources you need to boost an item. You can use these stats to see if the new gear you get on each mission is better than what you had before. Once you have maxed out the number of power boosts for an item, you will need to replace it with a higher-level item from later missions. You will want to go through grinding for better gear every once in a while, but don’t spend too much time farming gear on low-level quests, as it takes too much time for the gear you get.

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