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All five evidence locations in the fifth crime scene – Warframe Nightwave Series 3

When does Nightwave Intermission II end in Warframe?

The next Warframe Prime Access bundle has landed. Starting today, Warframe Nezha Prime will be added to the game, but that’s not all we’re getting this week. We’re well into the Glassmaker storyline now, and the hunt for the elusive killer continues. We’re up to the fifth crime scene in Nightwave, so let’s get started.

After you collect all five pieces of evidence, it’s time to solve the crime. Each piece of evidence gives you the answer to one riddle within the puzzle, but the answer is randomized for everyone. So you will have to keep an eye out for the right details and use them for the solutions. Check below for each of the clue locations first. Then you can try to solve the puzzle. Keep in mind that you need more Cephalite Resonance to make a run at it. Each attempt at the puzzle section costs 5, so bring plenty.

Expect to tackle a boss fight and platforming puzzle to complete this crime scene. The boss itself is a puzzle. They have a big shield and a bunch of floating crystals that seem immune to damage. As they fire glass shards at you, keep moving and keep an eye out. When a shard sticks up and has a marker on it, run over and grab it. You can then toss this shard at one of the large floating crystals to drop the shield. You will then want to use the shards to damage the boss a fair bit.

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Fifth crime scene Evidence 1

The first bit of evidence is right by the spawn location. Turn around and look at the pile of debris and broken Orokin tech. The item you’re looking for are the golden rings in that pile. These are the ancient shackles, the first clue. The number shown on the Shackles will be important later.

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Fifth crime scene Evidence 2

Next, hop off of the staircase and hed downward. Along the platform at the bottom you will see a series of broken glass shards against one of the walls. Interact with it to claim the second clue. One glass shard has a bluish tint to it, keep that one in mind for the final puzzle.

Fifth crime scene Evidence 3

The spawn point for the third piece of Glassmaker evidence this time around is in a planter nearby. Sometimes it’s nearby to the glass shards below the platform. Other times it seems to be in random places. Walk around the edge of the map until you find the Ceremonial Weapon. The weapon will correspond to a point later in the puzzle where you have to jump to a certain platform, look for the symbol matching your weapon type.

Fifth crime scene Evidence 4

The fourth piece of evidence is another piece of Orokin tech. Look for the Weave Conduit around the bottom floor. We found it underneath one of the staircases to the bottom. It seems like it can spawn anywhere along the far walls in the room. Each form of the Conduit has a unique shape on it, take note of that for the final puzzle.

Fifth crime scene Evidence 5

The final clue for the fifth crime scene is an Orokin Legem. The spawn for this is seemingly best found in the pile of debris on the bottom floor. Head to the back wall and prowl around. There should be a golden piece of Orokin tech glittering around somewhere. It will probably be away from the other pieces of evidence in the area. Pay attention to the shape of the Legem when you find it, you will need to use that shape in the final puzzle. Look for something similar.


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