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StarDrive 2 Sector Zero Expansion Preview


The first major expansion to StarDrive 2 is on the way. And it’s adding so much stuff that’s it’s going to blow your mind!

StarDrive 2 had players committing to four main objectives, all common to the genre. Explore the galaxy, Expand your empire, Exploit the resources you find, and Exterminate your foes in a turn-based strategy layer, a real-time ship combat layer, and a turn-based tactical ground combat layer. Zero Sector is going to expand on all that with new features and layers of complexity.

The biggest change is an increase in map size to galaxies FOUR TIMES the size of those in the base game. The DLC also adds in dozens of new cosmic phenomena to explore such as subspace anomalies and ancient wreckage. All waiting for the various competing races to unlock their secrets. These new areas are controlled by the news Sectors system. Which allows players and AI to claim newly discovered sectors on the map and exploit the resources contained there for their purposes.

Also being included is a massive expansion in general content to the base game. New quest lines and special events, technologies to research, and new racial traits to customize the alien races you play as and face are all being included. Needless to say, but this is an expansion that should add hours of new entertainment to StarDrive 2.

StarDrive 2 is a 4X game developed by Zero Sum Games and published by Iceberg Interactive, currently available on Steam. Also to coincide with the half year anniversary of the launch of StarDrive 2, publisher Iceberg Interactive will be offering a 50% discount on the title for 7 days from today October 9th, with the original StarDrive game also discounted to 75% off.

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