How to Complete the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife

CandyWriter has enabled a new challenge this weekend in their mobile sim, BitLife. To combine with the previous Joker challenge from a while back, we’re now getting to become Harley Quiin and go mad. There are a few different tasks, all consistent with lore for her comic character. Here’s how to complete the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Harley Quinn Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Harley Quinn Challenge, you will first need to start a life as a female in the United States. This part doesn’t require too much focus on stats, but health and fitness will become important later for one aspect of the challenge. You can pick a talent when you create your Bitizen, so go for Sports to get that edge in those stats early on.

When you’re aging up, focus on the extracurricular activities as much as you can. You need two stats to do well and complete this challenge, and their Brain and Body-based, You need a good amount of Health for the gymnastics element, and you need Intellect to become a psychiatrist. Focus on getting those stats up by visiting the Library and going on walks while you’re young. These options appear pretty early on, and in Middle School, you’re adding a new element.

When you hit Middle School, and again in University, you will want to enroll in the gymnastics extracurricular activity at your school. That gives you the option to complete another part of the Harley Quinn Challenge. Be careful, as you can only do this during Middle School and University.

Focus on your grades in University as well, so that you can get through the medical school required to become a nurse and psychiatrist. Once you graduate from the basic Nursing degree program, you want to head for medical school and graduate. From there, you can grab the Jr. Psychiatrist role from the Jobs menu.

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Now, onto a life of crime. You will want to rob a bank. When you go into the Crime heading under Activities, you will enter the planning phase. Make sure to select a Croquet Mallet in the weapon dropdown. You may have to restart the app and check again to get the mallet as an option, as it doesn’t always show up. When you’re armed, it’s time to go robbing.

It’s actually a good thing if you get caught too, as you can get the last part done. But for the bank robbery attempt where you succeed, here’s what to do. When you’re planning your heist, you want to have a very fast getaway vehicle. . You can also close out of your app as soon as it says you get caught to avoid the problem if you fail as well.

When you do get caught, it’s time to plead guilty and head to jail. When you do get caught and want to complete the final part of the new challenge, here’s how to escape prison. You can choose the escape option at any time, and it’s time to make your jailbreak.

You will be greeted with a randomized puzzle layout that you have to navigate to the exit on. The area is patrolled by guards who move on a variety of different paths. The guard will move around on a set path, usually, he will only move forward and towards you after checking horizontal squares. Also, if you fail to escape, you can always age up and try again. Here’s an example 8×8 escape route, via Reddit:


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