How to make Root Armor in Valheim

How to make the Bone Tower Shield in Valheim

With the new Hearth and Home update making it much more challenging, Valheim has gotten pretty crazy. There are a ton of new items to find and build.  You can find crystals to make a new crystal battleaxe. There’s also a bunch of other stuff too. If you need more defensive options, a bone tower shield is a good choice. There’s a lot to find out there in the Viking adventure with this new update.

Along with all of this stuff, comes some new challenging beasts. You can also get your hands on new tools and gear. The newly added Root Armor in Valheim is a big part of what you can do to make yourself more menacing.

You need three core crafting items to make this:

  • 20 Roots
  • 20 Ancient Bark
  • 4 Deer Hides

The majority of these can be found in Swamp Biomes. To get Ancient bark in Valheim, players will need to grab an axe and chop down ancient trees in the swamp biome. Then there are Roots, which can be looted from the corpses of Abominations. These new enemies were added in a recent patch. The Deer Hides are the easiest one to get, as you just need to find and kill some deer for them.

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You will need to have a Level 2 Workbench unlocked to get this recipe. Take the items to the workbench and put them together.

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