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Elite Dangerous: Horizons is now free

Elite Dangerous' Next Era Delayed

Elite Dangerous: Horizons will now be free if you already own the base game. Elite Dangerous was first released in 2014, bringing with it a thorough and intense space exploration game. Over time the developers have added more content, culminating in the Horizons content series which added new in-game factions and a new storyline.

It’s pretty clear what Frontier wants to do. The developer will be bringing all players onto the Horizons content and version of the game. This means that all the old content from the base game will be updated to the most recent version of the game. This gives the developers the ability to focus on one version of the game, rather than supporting two different content branches.

The content roster for the game is slowly being expanded as time goes on. And since millions of players have enjoyed exploring space since 2014. Frontier has continued to add depth to the universe. The more and more missions, including alien invasions and so much other nonsense, have made the game much more engaging. Throughout the next few years, the dev will be working on the next expansion.

The second expansion season, Odyssey, is expected in early 2021.

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When describing the new expansion, the focus was very much on planetary exploration. “You can now, for the very first time, set foot on our planets,” game director Piers Jackson told us at the PC Gaming Show. “We’ve created the last addition, really, in terms of going from space all the way down to the planet surface. And now you can explore and interact with the environment.”

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