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Kingdom Under Fire 2 introduces the Gunslinger class

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Announced for the West

Phantagram and Gameforge have announced even more content coming out in their upcoming adventure, Kingdom Under Fire 2. The game is due out next month, so the hype machine is ramping up quite a bit. And with a new video, the developers are showing off what I could consider to be quite the swiss army knife class. That new class is the Gunslinger.

The gameplay here is actually pretty simple, swapping between one of two damage archetypes depending on the situation. Each of these two offers their own approach to combat, with both ranged and melee options on the table. There’s a pair of devastating pistols that can clear out enemies with ruthless efficiency, and makes this class a wonderful DPS choice. There’s also a strong melee option with his included sword. Hack and slash your way to victory. The Gunslinger is a lot more meaty as well, able to soak up a fair amount of damage.

Check out this new dealer of death in the trailer below.

Here’s the backstory for the character, straight from developer Phantagram:

“Mistrusted for the simple crime of hailing from Brimstone, a village of refugees…deliberately ordered on a suicidal mission during which his troops were overwhelmed and his men slaughtered. His request for leniency fell on deaf ears and he was expelled from the army. Seeking to avenge the deaths of his men, and save his own skin, the Gunslinger found refuge in Azilia. In this place of opportunity, he became a mercenary and joined the Azilia Knights.”

The Gunslinger joins the previously announced Berserker, Elementalist, Ranger, and Spellsword classes. Each of these offers their own gameplay style, each pulling themes and mechanics from RPG classics over the years. The game has gone through a ton of work and changes since it was announced more than a decade ago. Yes really, Kingdom Under Fire 2 was announced back in 2008. The gmaeplay has expanded in scope and the visuals have gone through quite the transformation too.

Those interested in the game can check out the official website for more. Anyone whose already hooked can pre-order the game from the site as well. Of course, there are several different versions of the final game, with each version including different bonuses both physical and digital. The standard Hero edition is $29.99, the Emperor Package is $49.99, and the War God Package runs at a premium price of $99.99.

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