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Star Citizen’s CitizenCon videos feature promo ships, alien language & new engine tech


This week saw the latest round of CitizenCon – The convention dedicated to one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns – happened in Frankfurt. A lot of new tech for Star Citizen and other new features were shown off.

CIG announced a new partnership with Intel where the new Intel Optane 900P will be bundled with a new ship for the game. Say hello to the Sabre Raven.

In terms of raw gameplay shown, the most revealing stuff came from the director’s Keynote presentation, detailing a lot of new areas and showcasing additions like procedurally generated planetary cityscapes, landings, on-foot gameplay and some wandering around on a hoverbike as well as a first look at some native (non-sentient) alien lifeforms. It’s a visual feast for sure.

But new ships and such aren’t the only cool thing from CitizenCon. A great and in-depth presentation detailed the Xi’an and their history. The cultural and linguistic influences on Star Citizen are on full display as well.

There’s no firm release date obviously, although the first public release of the 3.0 alpha of the game should be coming to the public test servers sometime in the next few weeks.

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