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Godhood from Abbey Games takes you on a journey in 2019

Godhood Announced

Fans of indie games will recognize the name Abbey Games from another title, Renowned Explorers. Godhood is a pretty significant departure from their previous games in terms of scope and scale. Instead of controlling individual adventures, players control the various moving parts of the world around their followers.

Players can have their followers erect monuments or temples to their honor, as well as live in virtue or sin. Each choice will have a consequence for your religion. Will your followers become prophets? Or will villagers pelt them with stones as outcasts? The choices you make will have a direct impact on the development of both your pantheon an  civilization as a whole, so no pressure.

The game will also feature a combat system wherein other forces, both physical and supernatural, will attack you and your followers, and your ability to counter the threat hinges on your previous choices. You can craft your Sacrament system with a variety of inputs according to different ideological choices, so expect that same levels of customization to expand to the rest of the game as well.

Outside of gameplay, Godhood will have a similar art style to Abbey Games’ last title. So expect isometric views with a cartoony 2D/3D mixture.

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Godhood will release in 2019 on PC. You can also check out the game’s official site here. Check out the announcement trailer down below.

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