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Path of Exile 2 shows off new content in second trailer

Path of Exile 2

With the reveal of Path of Exile 3.14 today, Grinding Gear Games has also revealed something fans wanted to see for years. The reveal of more gameplay for Path of Exile 2  has a lot of people stirred up. Path of Exile 2 finally has some new news today. The new trailer is short, but sweet. There’s a lot to pick apart here, so let’s dig in.

Players will take the role of a new hero, one who isn’t seemingly tainted by the corruption of the Atlas. The story in the new gameplay shows a caravan of Maraketh are chasing after another enemy tribe, so you have to fight your way through an ancient ruin to unlock new progress. A big part of this reveals the new setting in detail.

A big part of the new seven act campaign is that players are getting all new challenging bosses. The new bosses look menacing and like a much more difficult fight. They clearly have much more health and new attacks, which helps add to the mystique and danger of this unexplored world. The permanent health bar for bosses should make it much easier to see how you’re doing in fights. And yes, even the mini-bosses will be tougher to deal with in Path of Exile 2.

This will be helpful when you’re getting used to the new weapons being added to the game. Chris Wilson says that GGG wants combat to be brutal, but rewarding, even while leveling. The new weapons being added reinforce this by forcing the player to fight in a style that fits the weapon. The Spear they show off in the gameplay showcase forces more mobility than some PoE players might be used to. Other added items include things like Crossbows, that use Bolt Skill Gems to add elemental damage or other damage buffs.

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Other changes include animation refinements that make the movement and enemies really pop.

Grinding Gear Games is clearly aiming to both listen to players, while also trying to drive them mad. The buffs to rewards in Ultimatum paint a very good picture for the future of the game. Sure, some things have been nerfed into the ground, like Talisman availability, but these changes set a good ground for the future of PoE.

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