How to Get Hearts of the Spring in the Wishful Drops Event in Genshin Impact

How to Get Hearts of the Spring

The newest Genshin Impact update will be out soon, and brings with it some new events to complete. The new 1.4 update and events allow players to claim a variety of special rewards, like another Mini Seelie! And like many other events, you need to farm a special currency, in this case Hearts of the Spring are what you’re after. Here’s how to get Hearts of the Spring in the Wishful Drops Event in Genshin Impact.

Wishful Drops event starts on April 9 at 10 am Server Time and ends on April 16 at 4 am Server Time. You must be Adventure Rank 20 or above to participate in the event. You will also have to complete the Life Flows On quest. Once that’s done, you can begin getting some cool loot.

How to Get Hearts of the Spring

There’s a new Oceanid Pet called Endora that takes on this journey with you. Part of the new event involves taking on water monsters and taking their essence into your self. You will need to find them, and then use Endora’s Bubble Spit skill to absorb them. This skill is like any other Elemental Skill and will replace the default option when you have it enabled. You can switch between these two skills at any time, if you wish.

When you want to capture an enemy, you will use the Bubble Split skill to place a trap in its path. You can make this easier by using Cryo attacks to freeze them, and then dropping the traps on top of them.

Once you have absorbed enough of the water elemental spirits, you need to unlock the second phase. That means you’re taking on the boss, Raging Rhodeia. To do this, you need to collect 100% of the monsters for the event in five different areas. When you complete an area, you get one of the five Hearts of the Spring.

Once you have fought and defeated the boss, use 40 Original Resin or one Heart of the Spring to get the full quest rewards.

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