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Elder Scrolls Online Summerset trailer details Psijic Order

ESO Summerset Expansion Psijic Order

Bethesda released a brand new trailer for Elder Scrolls Online‘s next expansion, Summerset. We’re journeying deeper into the home of the High Elves this time.

The masters of mysticism and secrecy in the Isles are at the forefront of the new trailer. Say hello to the Psijic Order. The newest faction in Elder Scrolls Online  adds a new layer to the reputation and questing systems within the MMORPG.

According to Bethesda, the Psijic Order is resurgent in response to a new, and more powerful, threat to the lands of Tamriel. These powerful magic users are so strong that they can even travel between dimensions. The Daedra are coming, and the Psijic Order is here to help stop them.

In gameplay terms, cooperating with this new faction will allow the player to unlock new skills, spells and items that are more powerful or useful than anything we’ve seen in ESO before. Pay close attention to the trailer, and you can see some of these new things in action. Speaking of a trailer, you can watch it below.

This latest Chapter is packed with exciting new features and challenges for new and veteran players alike. In ESO: Summerset, you can:

  • Explore a whole new zone, Summerset Isle
  • Experience an epic main story quest line, concluding the narrative that began in the ESO base game and continued through Clockwork City
  • Join the mysterious Psijic Order for the first time in an Elder Scrolls game and explore their island home of Artaeum
  • Learn a brand-new Psijic Order combat Skill Line, and wield powers over time itself
  • Master a new Jewelry Crafting Skill Line
  • Face the challenges of Cloudrest, a new 12-player Trial
  • Take on new group PvE challenges, including the Abyssal Geysers
  • …and more!
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The Elder Scrolls Online is currently available for Windows PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is launching June 5th across Windows PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. An early access release is set for May 31st.

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