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Another GDPR casualty, this time it’s FPS Loadout

Loadout Closing

Launched in 2014, Loadout was a cooky and vibrant shooter with some interesting mechanics. It relies on a mix of unique weapon customization and fast-paced movement to create a truly fun gameplay experience. Sadly, the game is closing soon, per an announcement from the developers.

Edge of Reality announced today that Loadout would be closing down later this month because the game isn’t profitable enough to justify keeping it going. The primary reason for this sudden announcement is the incoming enforcement of new privacy regulations known as the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation.

For those that don’t know, the GDPR is a sweeping set of privacy and data protection laws passed in EU countries that comes into force on May 25. These stringent new regulations have every tech company, big and small, including us, scrambling to implement sufficient changes so that they remain compliant. The GDPR has huge and potentially ruinous punishments for non-compliance, so it’s no surprise that companies are either pulling service from EU countries or closing their doors if they know that compliance isn’t cost-effective.

The developers admit that the shrinking playerbase has led to revenue stagnation, and the added costs created by GDPR compliance to their providers has “just put Loadout deep into the red, losing an alarming amount of money per month.”

Loadout shuts down on 24 may, the day before the GDPR laws come into force.

It’s a real shame to see smaller developers and companies being forced out of the market because they’re struggling with GDPR. But it’s a necessary evil if you will, because data and privacy protection are incredibly important.

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