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With the other Valhiem console commands, you could do basic stuff like banning problem players or displaying system information about the game.  But if you want to bypass a problem boss or teleport across the map, you need to cheat.  There are some Valheim cheat codes that can be useful for doing things like this. Use this guide to learn what they are.

Here are all the current Valheim cheat codes and what they do. Remember, you need to press ESC + F5 to display the console window in-game. Once you do that, type “imacheater” to enable the cheat codes for this game. Now, onto the cheats.

Valheim Cheat Codes

Here are all the cheat codes in the game right now:

  • god – enables god mode
  • pos – print current player position
  • goto [x,z] – teleport
  • killall – kill nearby enemies
  • exploremap – explore entire map
  • resetmap – reset map exploration
  • tame – tame all nearby tameable creatures
  • location – spawn location
  • freefly – freefly photo mode
  • ffsmooth – freefly smoothness
  • event [name] – start event
  • stopevent – stop current event
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] – raise skill lvl
  • resetcharacter – reset character data
  • dpsdebug – toggle dps debug print
  • save – force saving of world
  • resetwind – reset wind
  • removedrops – remove all item-drops in area
  • players [nr] – force difficulty scale (0 = Reset)
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