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Path of Exile announces fan art competition

Path of Exile Fan Art Competition 2019

Just in time for Halloween season, it’s time for Path of Exile fans to get spooky and creative all at once. That’s because developer Grinding Gear Games has just pushed out an announcement that will have the more artistic elements of the fanbase overjoyed. The company is holding a month-long art contest that will allow fans to submit creative pieces showcasing Path of Exile lore and characters, all to compete for some cool prizes.

As GGG explained on the announcement:

Our players have always been surprising us with their artistic skills, and after receiving a lot of great artwork inspired by the recent Path of Exile content, we decided it’s time for another fan art competition! As always, we’ve prepared a prize pool that includes microtransactions, T-shirts, art books and more!

The top tiers of winners can grab some physical schwag for their best entries, offering a chance to both show off some artistic skill and flex on your friends about how much you love POE Each tier of winners has a choice of a variety of cosmetics made available for the competition too. These cosmetic effects offer all kinds of cool looks, from acidic weapons to demonic armour sets, so it’s worth a shot if you want to try and compete. GGG is handing out some prizes to the top 20 winners, with some Runner-up winner also getting a choice cosmetic for taking part. The rewards themselves are pretty varied, with t-shirts and keychains being up for grabs on the physical side of things. The cosmetic items run the gamut from helmet and weapon effects, all the way to full armour set MTX.

The competition is already on, so get to work. The submission window will close on Tuesday the 29th of October at 9am (NZT). We’ll announce the winners sometime in the following days.

Source: Grinding Gear Games

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