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How to make free PLEX and ISK in EVE Online


EVE Online is an amazing game, as any long-term player will tell you. It’s a game driven by a competitive atmosphere that’s a microcosm of many different social interactions. It’s one of the best games out there not just for its immersive PvE and PvP content, but for its engaging and rewarding player-driven economic and industry models. EVE Online at its core is a game of cause and effect, with an entire history of that ideal driving record-setting player conflict. In short, it’s the best game ever made. But don’t take my word for it, here’s someone who has study and written about the history of the game telling us just that.

Also, if you want to know more about the history of EVE Online, check out Andrew Groen’s KickStarter for the second volume of his book series on the game.

If you’ve ever wanted to shape the fate of thousands of people with your actions, EVE Online is your game.

But there’s one thing that many people lack in EVE Online, money. EVE is a game driven by player interaction, and a big part of that interaction happens in economic markets. And without in-game currency, you won’t be able to buy the ships and modules you need to destroy your enemies and protect your friends. Fear not, because ISKMogul has your back with a creative way to make mountains of ISK.

That method centers around a site called PointsPrizes.

If you want to earn PLEX, just create an account by putting in your e-mail address and start completing offers. Once you reach 3,000 points, you can claim a PLEX code through the “Claim Prizes” section. There are also other rewards like PayPal cash, Steam codes and Amazon Gift Cards. In a few hours, you can easily make several PLEX. And at current prices the 500 PLEX you get for 3,000 points on PointsPrizes is worth more than 1 BILLION ISK!

There are also games with offers that pay you just for playing. RPGs like ArcheAge and Revelation Online pay you just to play them. Multiplayer games like War Thunder and Warface also have offers that pay out if you complete certain challenges. And if playing games for rewards isn’t your thing, you can use your mobile devices to watch videos, those videos in turn pay you MONEY! Apps for both iOS and Android are available.

If you need even more EVE Online ISK, check out our free trial offer for a way to make 1 BILLION ISK or more!

Best of all, this method is completely free and safe. All the offers you complete are carefully screened for safety and reliability.

All you have to do is enter your e-mail address and start completing offers. Everything from simply submitting your name and email address, to referral offers that pay you for taking part in premium trials are available with PointsPrizes.

And it gets even better because you can earn FREE points simply by using the coupon codes below. These PointsPrizes Coupon Codes will give you hundreds of free points. And be sure to keep coming back to ISKMogul, as we’ll update this list with new codes as we find them. You can claim up to 500 Points TOTALLY FREE!

  • PLASMA25
  • SHADOW25
  • LACUNA75
  • FACEPAGE1920
  • DELTA100
  • ICE50
  • SAVE50
  • COMET50
  • GOOGCOM294
  • QUANTECH3000
Disclosure: This is a promotional post for PointsPrizes, ISKMogul earns a percentage off the points that users referred to the service through this post generate.


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