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Nintendo Switch Sales Hit Nearly 15 Million

Nintendo Switch

It’s official, the Nintendo Switch is a success.

A report by the analysis firm DFC Intelligence recently predicting the popularity of the system will lead to sales reaching 40 million in four years. As reported by Famitsu (and spotted by Twitter’s Nibel), the Switch’s latest sales data puts it at 3,407,158 to the Wii U’s 3,301,555. And that’s just in Japan, worldwide the console has shipped nearly 15 million units.

Not only is the hardware doing stupendously well, first party releases for the console are on track to be hugely successful. Super Mario Odyssey is currently the top-selling game on the console with 9.07 million copies sold, while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has reached 7.33 million, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has hit 6.70 million, and Splatoon 2 has achieved 4.91 million.

Considering the fact that the Nintendo Switch is only about 10 months old, these sales numbers are quite a significant accomplishment for Nintendo, selling 14.86 million units. The console has already beaten the Wii U’s lifetime sales of 13.56 million units. The next feat for the Switch to pull off will be to outsell the original Wii, which sold a remarkable 101.63 million units over the course of its lifespan; if the Switch and accomplish anywhere near those numbers, it will require several successful games to back it up.

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This is a major success for the Nintendo Switch and its games, and it doesn’t seem as if the system’s sales momentum will slow down any time soon.

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