Pokémon Go: How to Complete the Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge

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Halloween season is almost over, but that’s not going to stop video games and their events. And Niantic is getting in on the fun as well. The Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go is their latest romp. This event will actually tie into the Halloween Mischief event, Ghoulish Pals. Like other seasonal events, players will find boosted spawns and other rewards. Along with this increased chance at captures. Trainers get Rare Candies and other rewards for completing the tasks involved.

nt, Niantic is going to have players go looking through the pumpkin patch with a new Collection Challenge themed around Pumpkaboo and its evolution, Gourgeist.

Pumpkaboo is the title Pokémon this time around, and they are coming in four sizes: Small, Average, Large and Super. Each size is functionally the same as any other, it’s more of a decorative taste kind of thing. The larger variants, up to Super, have a much lower rate of spawn, so players like to chase them.

How to Complete the Pumpkaboo Collection Challenge

The goal is very simple, you need to grab at least one of all four sizes to complete the challenge. Go around your local area and you can find the basic sizes. The bigger variants will be featuring in the raids, so you may need to work with some friends to find them.

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All four kinds of Pumpkaboo are appearing in the wild, with the average-sized ones appearing in Raids. The Raids will be just 1-star, so very easy to complete.

For most spawns,  only small and average Pumpkaboo are appearing at any kind of consistent rate. You should use the usual methods to boost spawns. Lures and incense can help boost spawns as well. If you can successfully catch all four variations of Pumpkaboo, you’ll be rewarded with 5 Rare Candies.

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