Where to get Warm Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise

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Warm Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise is one of many crafting resources in the game. You need to gather it for a few specific armor sets. It’s actually pretty important, despite how easy it is to get. Warm Pelt is a material in Monster Hunter Rise that is required for some particular armor and weapons and one of the Frost Islands Sub-Camps.

Where to get Warm Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise

There are a few ways to get Warm Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise.  They drop from two different creatures in most cases. Some side tasks might also give out small amounts, but targeted farming is best focused on these two entities.

The easiest way to get more is to find the Kelbi. They can be found all around the Shrine Ruins region, so you just have to look out for the passive beasts, they look like deer. You can find them all over, and they go down very easily. Once you take one out, they have a 45% chance of dropping Warm Pelt. The other option is the Anteka, which can be found in Frost Islands. You will want to look in regions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9.

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You can choose whichever one you want to farm. Use these to help backstop your low-level farming efforts. You might even get lucky and grab something rare like Sinister Cloth. There’s also a high-rank version. Warm Pelt+ is the High-Rank version of this material, gathered from Kelbi and Anteka when on 4-Star + difficulty quests

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