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Fight back the Horde in World War Z

World War Z Horde Trailer

Saber Interactive has released a new promotional trailer for their upcoming video game adaptation, World War Z.

Fight back the hordes of the undead in World War Z with your last few friends. As the ravenous gaggle of hungry monsters close in on you, the only thing you have left to do is fight. And fight you will in this zombie book-turned-film-turned-game.

The big focus with this trailer, and the game in general is the Swarm Engine. With this system, players face off in a string of levels against increasingly unpredictable hordes of zambambos. The game accomplishes this unpredictability by making use of two systems. “dynamic swarm simulation” is a fancy way of saying that the zombie hordes will be somewhat plastic to their environment, reacting to natural and artificial chokepoints and the like in real-time. This leads to scenes that are clear references to the fall of Jerusalem in the World War Z film, what with the mountain of undead piling on top of each other to reach the tasty humans on the other side of a wall. And though that scene, and the entire World War Z film, were lackluster and poorly written, it’s cool to see it take place in a video game.

The “adaptive spawn control” mentioned in the trailer is just another way of Saber saying they like the idea of the AI Director from Left 4 Dead enough to adapt it to their own game. The system in this game will likely control enemy spawns and horde attacks to keep the pacing of your adventure. We’ll just have to wait and see what the game manages to deliver. And since the game features some heavy gore and destructible body parts, whatever happens, it’s sure to be bloody.

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Check out the Swarm Engine trailer down below. World War Z will release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2019.

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