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The new Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife has a lot of requirements in it. The mobile life sim has a ton of complexity already, but this latest one may take the crown for the strangest challenge yet. Of the many challenges out there, players have some quite bizarre goals to achieve. Some of the more contentious ones involve trying to make enemies instead of friends.

To make someone your enemy, you’ll first have to become their friend. Use the Relationships menu to find folks to be friendly with. You can also make friends with coworkers and classmates throughout your life. Go into your School or Occupation menu and select a person you want to try to be friends with. Click on a person and trigger a conversation with them.

The outcome of each conversation is random, but you’re hoping for it to raise into the green. Once they get a full meter, they should show up as a Friend in the Relationship tab. Now you can make them into an enemy.

You have a few options for how to do this. Starting rumors is one common way. The goal is to reduce the Relationship meter for the target NPC and to get them to hate you. This can happen as a random event, but it can also be triggered manually. You can also start a rumor by getting into the Friends section of the Relationships tab, scrolling to the bottom and clicking the Rumor option. Start enough rumors and someone can be forced into becoming an enemy.

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You can also use the game’s mechanics to force the change. On the main screen, go to your Relationships menu. This will display all your relationships, from family to friends. Now, select the friend you’ll like to make into an enemy. Scroll down until you see the Change Status button, click that. This will open up the dropdown to force the change. You can choose to make someone a Best Friend or Enemy.

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