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Tales of Arise Announced at E3 2019

Tales of Arise Announced at E3 2019

The newest game from Bandai Namco has been revealed, and it’s part of the iconic Tales series of titles. Tales of Arise will bring the franchise to a new and updated look, now being powered by Unreal Engine 4. The game will, in addition to getting a new look, the new title will have revamped RPG mechanics which increase the challenge presented to players.

This graphical upgrade will offer some new gameplay elements for the franchise, including a much faster pace of combat, as well as an updated battle system. The game stars a peculiar pair, called Dahna and Rena. Each character offers their own unique fighting style and often synergize with each other. There will likely be some gameplay elements that tie into this pairing, with resource management and special boss fight mechanics being pretty high on the list.

There are of course plenty of other Bandai Namco games on the horizon, whether you’re looking for RPG experiences or not. Code Vein, a new attempt at melding weird blood plagues with a Dark Souls-esque RPG looks really fun.

Check out the trailer for the new RPG down below. Tales of Arise is due out in 2020.

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