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MLB The Show 20 will be cross-platform

MLB The Show 20

The only major baseball title out right now that offers incredibly detailed and realistic baseball video games, MLB The Show, will be moving away from the Sony exclusivity deal the game has resided in for years. Sony, Major League Baseball, and the MLBPA have announced that the franchise is getting a pretty major change. With MLB The Show 20, something that’s been a hallmark of the franchise is changing.

Sony and SIE San Diego Studio have announced a new agreement which includes a “multi-year extension to continue development and distribution” for the MLB licensed games. According to the agreement, the new iteration of the franchise will move to “additional console platforms beyond PlayStation as early as 2021.” Past this March’s release of MLB The Show 20 for PlayStation 4, the series will go to other platforms in 2021. And yes, that means both the PS5 and Scarlett.

This new game comes out at the same time as the 15th anniversary of the franchise, and it will bring, MLB: The Show series and will offer a, “variety of unique promotions and new gameplay features.” The series started in 1997 with MLB ‘98 for the PlayStation 1, kicking off years of baseball fun in video games.

One interesting wrinkle that comes out of this announcement is the reveal of a new port structure too. Various gaming companies dropped teasers of the new agreement, form Microsoft and Sony of course, but one surprising addition came from Nintendo. As they revealed the news, Nintendo has all but confirmed that MLB The Show 20 is coming to Switch. This new development was revealed as Nintendo of America also joined in the chorus of teasers. Their tweet revealed that a Switch port for future MLB titles is in fact in the works.

The next game, MLB The Show 20, will debut for PS4, Xbox one and Switch on March 17, 2020. If you want to go back and bide your time, MLB: The Show 19 is out now for the PlayStation 4. Also, check out the newest trailer for the next game down below.

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