How to get Euros in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov

Euros in Escape from Tarkov are a special item, and they’re one you really want. The popular PC multiplayer shooter has multiple types of loot you can collect. These are most commonly used as a rep trading item for the high-end Skier content, so they are worth picking up.

Small amounts of Euros can be found while scavaging the game world. Check every drawer, vault, cash register and lockbox that you will come across. Fence, an NPC, is also a good source for euros, but they don’t always have them in stock. The thing to note is that Fence’s inventory is shared between all players. You will have to be quick and many players advise getting them in small bundles so that his stock doesn’t decrease while you are trying to buy them.

You can also find some Euros which looting the bodies of your enemies, so don’t forget to do so.
You can also get Euros from Skier, a vendor, who you can find in the Customs section. You will although have to prove to him that you are of some value to him. So, you will have to work up through his loyalty levels. Each level has its own requirements, find the breakdown for rep and Rubles for earning Euros in Escape from Tarkov down below.

  • Level 1: Starting level
  • Level 2: Level 15, .20 rep, and 1,100,000 Rubles in trades
  • Level 3: Level 28, .40 rep, and 1,600,000 Rubles in trades
  • Level 4: Level 35, .75 rep, and 2,600,000 Rubles in trades
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Once you have hit level 3, Euros will start appearing in Skier’s inventory and you can purchase them from him. You will although have to be quick and experienced players advise getting Euros in small bundles so that his stock doesn’t decrease while you are buying them. Trading these for Level 4 Skier rep is a big part of unlocking all the content and gear in Escape from Tarkov, so you want to get it done quickly.

The fastest and easiest way to get Euros in Escape from Tarkov is to sell everything you pick up to Skier. You can also hunt Scavs as part of a PMC for more varied loot, but the odds of getting reliable Euros via hunting Scavs aren’t as good. Either way, just kill and loot any Scavs you come across just in case.

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