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Creative Assembly trademarks Total War Saga: Troy


According to a recent document uncovered online,Creative Assembly trademarked a new game name, Total War Saga: Troy. The document was filed on July 23 and officially published by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office on Aug. 2, so now that it’s been uncovered, gamers and strategy fans are going nuts over the newest bit of news.

This trend is pretty well-established within the games industry. Trademark and copyright filings are trawled all of the time for new game names. Gamers and analysts will often use this data to guess on what games companies are working on, giving a snapshot of the future in a way. Patent filings are another source of this speculation, but those tend to be a little less reliable for predicting what’s actually coming soon.

Total War Saga: Troy would follow the other offshoot title, Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia. That game took players on a heroic and often terrifying journey through a snippet of history within the British isles. This told the story of the 9th century AD, wherein Vikings, Gaelic clans and Anglo-Saxons all vied for some measure of power within the fledgling world. With 10 different factions, players had plenty of choice. There was actually some really inventive stuff in the game as well, like an improved relations system.

Total War Saga: Troy implies that the bronze age of legendary Greek history will be the focus of this newest offshoot. The likely candidate as a focal point is the Trojan War, the inspiration behind the world’s greatest epic poem, Homer’s Iliad. Not many other details yet, so fans will just have to be content with the rampant speculation now kicking off around this news.

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The most recent major release in the legendary strategy franchise, Total War: Three Kingdoms, took players to the ancient realm of Imperial China, telling an incredibly detailed and customizable version of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. With a much larger and beautiful campaign map, dozens of playable faction leaders, and a completely revamped diplomatic system, it’s probably one of the better Total War titles in recent memory. It seems gamers agree with that sentiment, as more than 1 million people bought the game.

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