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CCP announces the ability to clone into Supercarriers in EVE Online

Vat Out of Hel Carrier Update in EVE Online

If you’ve never played EVE Online in a big fleet fight before, that headline was probably a little confusing. So let me translate the basics for you. When you play EVE, your ship is piloted by a clone in a pod. When the ship is destroyed, the pod is left behind. If that pod is destroyed, you respawn back where your clone was last set to appear. Players often reposition their clones near the frontlines of war to get back into the fight when they lose a ship, but it’s better to be able to reship in the same system. So being able to escape without getting “podded” is usually best. It’s a big problem to reform fleets after the majority of their numbers are sitting back in the station.

Enter the Tactical Capsuleer Recloner. CCP has announced the new module that can be fitted to any Supercarrier-class vessel to mitigate this problem. The module allows capsuleers to be reborn into a fresh clone inside the Supercarrier itself, provided they died in the same system that particular ship is in. The revived player can then take a ship from the Fleet Hangar on the Supercapital and rejoin the fight. The player wishing to be reborn will have to consume a one-use item called the Nanoheuristic Clone Mapper to do this.

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That means that the new update, called Vat Out of Hel, will likely be targeted towards getting important players back to the fight. It makes sense to have fleet commanders and those providing valuable boosts to friendly fleets back on-grid with a new ship as fast as possible.

Vat Out of Hel also brings in buffs to Supercarriers in other ways. Sure, the Light Fighters have been nerfed, but the volume of Heavy Fighters and some buffs to fighter damage have helped balance it out. Combined with the new respawn mechanic, Supercarriers could see some renewed utility beyond spamming out fighters.

Source:  CCP

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