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Pokemon GO: First Mewtwo Raid Begins in Japan

Pokemon Go

Since introducing legendary raids to Pokemon GO last month, developer Niantic has steadily made more legendary characters available in the game. Lugia, as well as Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno have all been available for capture, encouraging more players to take part in group raids to capture these elusive creatures.

Unfortunately, it sounds as though capturing a Mewtwo will be much more difficult for those in other regions of the world, who did not attend the Pokemon GO Stadium event. Niantic has confirmed that Mewtwo will be available via exclusive raids, which involve an invite-only structure for adding people to said raids. These will be different from current raid battles, in that you’ll need an invite to participate in these timed events. To get invited, players will have to have completed a traditional raid battle at a site where the exclusive raid battle will be scheduled.

With Mewtwo confirmed, Pokemon GO players will already be speculating on which legendary character will be added to the game next. Fire and flying type Pokemon Ho-Oh was featured in the Pokemon GO legendary trailer alongside Lugia, Mewtwo and others, and it seems quite likely that more will be introduced soon. An exact date is unclear but there are more real-world Pokemon GO events taking place in Europe in the coming weeks and these could be a good place for Ho-Oh to be added to the game. Although Niantic may make changes to the unlock system for new legendary Pokemon after the disastrous Go Fest.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.

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