How to get Outfit Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise

How to get Outfit Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise has already pushed out its 2.0 update which added tons of new features, as well as monsters to hunt. Capcom has brought back a wealth of monsters from the previous games to hunt, all while adding new ones too.  Layered armor was already in the base game, but has now been expanded.  Layered armor doesn’t make your stats any better, but it does make gear look much more unique. You can use Outfit Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise to unlock a variety of cool looks. Here’s how to get Outfit Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to get Outfit Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise

To unlock any new layered armor sets as pieces in 2.0, you need to turn in these vouchers. Both standard layered armor and layered armor for your companions require one Outfit Voucher. Lucky for you, they’re very easy to get.

You can receive Outfit Vouchers as a quest reward from any High-Rank hunts. That means you need to complete the HR quests for hunting various monsters and hope that you get lucky. It doesn’t appear to be locked to the monsters added in the 2.0 update either, as you can get them as a reward from the base game’s monsters too.

So with that said, it should be pretty easy to get more vouchers, and thus more outfits. You seem to only get one per drop, and you won’t always get one after every hunt. You will need to put the time into grinding to get lots of them. Since you can hunt any monsters, maybe try switching things up so you don’t get boed.

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