Vostok Visited mission guide in Destiny 2

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Since the announcement of Felwinter’s Lire returning to Destiny 2, players have wondered what they would have to do to unlock it. Now we know what’s involved after players have ground through a mountain of Seraph Bunker challenges. But we’re not done yet. You now need to complete a series of other quests to move forward with the new content. The Vostok Visited mission is your next target.

First, head over to Ana Bray at Braytech on Mars. Talk to her and she will kick you down to the next step. From there, open up the Director and look through the Destinations tab. With that open head for the mission marked Vostok Visited. This quest will send you to the planet Vostok as part of the ongoing Warmind storyline. You will know you selected the right mission when you see the blue crown icon, and it will be marked clearly too. The mission is called A Warmind’s Secrets.

The mission itself has the player running around Vostok looking for items. Find the three marked items around the map and move on. You need to scan each one, with that complete, you’re done for this mission’s first phase. The second phase of the Vostok Visited mission will send the player after a broken Warsat, your job is to scan the wreck.

You will spawn in a new area, head to the first path on your right and keep moving through to find the Warsat parts. Scan these with your Ghost and keep moving on. You will get a small exposition dump from this, keep going forward until you find a large stone archway, head through it. The rest of the quest involves hunting down and scanning more parts.

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Keep moving through the level until you find the rundown building, head inside, and to the upper floors, your final scan targets are inside.

After you finish that step, it’s time to start racking up kills. You will need 1,000 Shotgun kills in total before you can move on to the next portion. Check out our guide with some tips on how to get 1,000 shotgun kills quickly in Destiny 2.

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