Destiny 2 – Shotgun Telemetry Guide

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The grindy nature of the Felwinter’s Lie quest in Destiny 2 is nuts, with players having to complete a bunch of Seraph Tower runs throughout the game. From there, we have another new challenge to take on. After Visiting Vostok is complete, it’s time to move on to the next portion of unlocking the powerful shotgun, Shotgun Telemetry in Destiny 2.

Some general tips to take on the Shotgun Telemetry challenge and get those 1,000 kills are pretty simple. Have a decent gear set with a high power level for farming the enemies you want to target. With the 1,000 kills, you don’t have to target any specific enemy type, so it makes it much easier. With that said, here are some more specific tips down below.

Tip 1 – Shotgun Mods

You should make sure you have some Shotgun related mods equipped, which will make your weapon choices much more efficient. These mods increase your ammo counts and ammo drops, making long-time farming runs better for you. A bunch of damage mods can help, but having ammo is a major priority. Use the mods listed below to get those kills quicker:

  • Shotgun Ammo Finder
  • Shotgun Scavenger
  • Large Weapon Loader
  • Shotgun Reserves
  • Heavy Handed – will give you back Shotgun ammo when you kill an enemy and are surrounded
  • Quick Charge – become charged with Light while rapidly killing enemies, improves Shotgun ready speed

Tip 2 – You can carry three Shotguns

The fact that you can equip a type of shotgun into each of your Kinetic, Energy, and Heavy slots, makes it a rather easy task to farm. Bring your most powerful option in each slot to make nuking powerful foes easier. The Traktor Cannon is a good option as a starter. Be sure to keep rotating weapons when they run out of shots. Combine each of these with ammo mods to keep them in the game longer.

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Tip 3 – Farm in the right place

You can, in theory, go pretty much anywhere in the game to get kills. There are also various options that can make for good farming of other items or challenges at the same time as getting the kills. It’s always an option to go for the weakest Raid you can take on, as enemy levels don’t appear to matter for the kill count. There are a couple of options for where you want to farm if you want a challenge though.

Farming enemies during the Castellum on Leviathan is a great run, as long as you hold off on finishing the raid so that enemies keep spawning. The Core Terminus Lost Sector is one of the options too. This latter option is on Mars and easily accessible for newer players. The Hive enemies here are also pretty low-power, so easy targets all round here.

Other Raid options include the Shuro Chi encounter during Last Wish, but you just need to keep to that spot. Escalation Protocol on Mars is a spot with hundreds of enemies throughout the various spawns, making it a solid secondary option if you get tired of farming other missions.

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