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Devolver Digital announces Weedcraft Inc. Steam release date, April 11th

Weedcraft Inc Comes to Steam in April

Devolver Digital is known for making some weird games, and one of their latest outings is a weird one indeed. Weedcraft Inc. takes the idea of stoner culture and pro-marjuana activism to a new level with a mix of biting social commentary, engaging storytelling and an engrossing gameplay loop. This is one of those games that’s a surprisingly good mix of both business simulation and story-based gameplay, a rare treat for the genre.

The setup for this shockingly good game is simple, you’re a struggling business student who gets roped into a venture that’s a bit more challenging and dangerous than hemp. The cannabis industry is booming after a wave of drug reforms, new tolerant attitudes and plenty of opportunistic money men get into the game. And after your dad dies, you team up with your irritating flaky brother to try and turn your life around through this wacky business.

Rife with both social and political commentary, Devolver manages to mix satire and serious insight about the nature of drug use, and it’s commodification, in America. This potent blend turns Weedcraft Inc. into a game that’s appealing for a variety of reasons. You pick which strains to grow, and along the way have to satiate consumer demand for higher and higher quality of products. The proper growing conditions and nutrient mixes are key, as each strain has their own optimum settings. It’s this whirlwind pace of trying to experiment to find the right mix while also trying to generate solid revenue from an increasingly picky consumer base that makes Weedcraft Inc. so much more interesting than it should be.

And now, Vile Monarch and Devolver Digital’s Weedcraft Inc. will launch on Valve’s digital store after months of work.

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Check out the release date trailer for Weedcraft Inc. Devolver recently dropped, down below. The game releases April 11, 2019 via Steam.

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