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Arkane Studios co-founder founds new studio, WolfEye

New Studio WolfEye Founded by Arkane vets

Arkane is most well-known in the modern era for their work on titles like Dishonored 2, as well as many other games. Their first game, Arx Fatalis, even helped sell gaming to a new generation back in 2002. The company quickly developed a strong reputation for unique gaming experiences. Although as the years wore on, they began to move into more typical AA and AAA development, focusing on solid but arguably more unoriginal games instead of the unique ideas that helped define those early years.

Now, the newly formed studio, called WolfEye is looking to get back to that core. Arkane Studios founder Raphael Colantonio and fellow Arkane veteran Julien Roby will lead the studio in developing projects that “we both like in games, both as players and as designers. We like games that respond to player actions, where the world reacts to what you are doing, and the experience is owned by the player.” What this means exactly is unknown.

The team has now announced that they are working on a new game. WolfEye has not revealed many details about this new project, but promise more soon. WolfEye is set to reveal their first game on December 12th during a presentation at The Game Awards.

Colantonio spoke candidly about his hopes, and those of the studio as a whole, with the press. “I think to back in the day and how Arkane was born out of wanting to make a game, not to make money,” Colantonio said about the new venture, speaking with VentureBeat. “And I think [our desire to form WolfEye] is the same desire to stay creative, and to bring something to gamers that we believe that we think is exciting.”

“The AAA market is risk-averse and innovation suffers from it,” he said as part of his announcement. “As a game designer, I’ve been wanting to try new ideas and approaches and I believe the Independent games are in the best space to do so.” Colantonio also said that, “In my case, I needed a break. It had been 18 years in the same room, and I needed to define myself. There was a bit of an identity thing going on. Who am I without Arkane? That was a very important step to my growth.”

So whatever this new game is, I’m sure it will be great. Having established and experienced talent at the head can really help refine the process for a new studio.

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