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Felwinter’s Lie is coming back to Destiny 2

Destiny 2 update 2.8.1 patch notes

There are many iconic and fan-favorite weapons in Destiny and Destiny 2. When the second game debuted, many fans wanted to see what weapons had made a comeback, as well as what other content got brought forward into the reworked sequel. One of the many weapons that players hoped to see was a rather overpowered shotgun that went by the moniker of Felwinter’s Lie.

This particular shotgun had a single perk in the base game that made it cruel in its effectiveness, and that was Shot Package. Felwinter’s Lie allowed players to basically snipe with a shotgun, making it one of the more OP weapons in the original game. Of course Destiny 2 has had its own run-ins with OP hardware over the years, but seeing Felwinter’s Lie return could be huge to the hardcore veterans who jumped over from the first game.

[SPOILERS] API Mined – Returning weapon from Destiny 1. from r/DestinyTheGame

Whatever happens with Felwinter’s Lie and Shot Package in Destiny 2, players can expect it to debut as part of a new Exotic questline when it finally is enabled in the game. The Lie is this new quest, but any other details about the quest are unknown.

The data suggests that the new version of Felwinter’s Lie could have some very interesting perks and other modifications compared to the original version from the first game. It’s unclear if Shot Package will return in something akin to its original form. The images shown in the Reddit thread suggest that it’s now a mod to the frame of the weapon, which could really mean anything. The perk data suggests a “more uniform pellet spread.”

Whenever we see the product of data mining though, it’s vital to take the information with a grain of salt. It’s common practice in game development for code and assets to be left in production versions of the compiled game, even if they are unused. Whether Bungie plans to return to the Felwinter’s Lie and reiterate on it in Destiny 2 is uncertain, but these new leaks have shown that plans could be in motion in the background. But until we have more firm data, it’s best to remain hopeful and not make assumptions.

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