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Try Star Citizen Alpha 2.2.2 for Free, Funding Surpasses $110 Million

Star Citizen Alpha

The recent release of the Alpha 2.2.2 patch marks yet another achievement for the mega-hit Star Citizen. In an effort to encourage more PC gamers to try the game out, Cloud Imperium has launched a new free fly access for all accounts. All the ships are available to fly including the recently added Aegis Sabre.

Players will be able to try out the mini-PU (persistent universe) with its scripted missions now that the universe has slightly expanded. In this recent update each instance can now also support up to 24 players instead of 16 which is a slight improvement on the previous alpha version.

Despite these additions, not much has changed for the overall experience within Star Citizen. Nonetheless, there is still a great opportunity to enjoy an interesting and ambitious title. This recent announcement comes just before the further announcement that Star Citizen has surpassed the mark of $110 Million in funding over it’s run. Despite all of the mixed reactions and abjectly negative press the game has received over the last year, indications are that the rate of incoming funds for the game is actually increasing.

The continual flow of funds shows that backers already invested are willing to continue putting cash into the project despite the fact no part of the game is near completion. There are now a total of 1.3 million Star Citizens invested, with a further increase of 300,000 added since October 2015.

Patch 2.2.2 has been released which fixes a few problems including client crashes and the patch note are available on the official site.

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