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Epic Games Store gets self-service refunds and more

Epic Games Store

Epic Games has announced a new batch of updates to the Epic Games Store. The newest patch to the storefront still doesn’t have a shopping cart, but there are some welcome changes coming. The changes include support for new currencies like CAD, AUD, SEK, DKK, NOK, which is helpful. And yes, Epic has more updates planned.

The biggest change with this patch is that anyone looking for a refund can get one whenever they want, assuming the game in question is still eligible. Gamers no longer have to contact Epic to get a refund. Instead, you can crack open your transaction history and request a refund for any game that is actually eligible for one.

The 14-day refund period is still in effect. Also, getting hit with a ban or a Terms of Service violation will make that game ineligible for any kind of refund.

Epic has also brought in a new partnership with Fanatical, Green Man Gaming, and Genba Digital to offer some new options for adding games to the launcher. These three storefronts will now offer linking with the Epic Games Store that will allow for completely keyless redemption. Players will also be able to see their transactions on these storefronts and link games manually with Epic. This change will help cut back on key resellers, as well as making the redemption process easier.

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Epic is planning other updates to the store as well. For one thing, the Epic Games Store is about to get a mod marketplace. This will allow it to compete directly with the Steam Workshop. The prospects for the future include an achievement system and other changes too. Players will eventually be able to throttle their downloads too.

The Epic Games Store has a long way to go to undo some of the damage it has done with its reputation among gamers. The popular free game giveaways helped, but people are still mad.

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