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Slightly Mad Studios announces Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3

Slightly Mad Studios has just announced the next part in its Project CARS series, Project CARS 3. The developer has once again teamed up with Bandai Namco to publish. Project CARS 3 will feature new cars, a new series of tracks within the open-world, and likely some new race modes too. Details are very slim at this time, although Slightly Mad did release a new trailer showing the game off.

The first trailer uses all in-engine footage, but there’s not much to glean in terms of gameplay. We can see that there are a variety of vehicles to be used. The customization elements from the previous game have returned, and are also being expanded upon. Players will be able to tweak both their cars and their drivers in the sequel.

Check out the new trailer for the title down below. The release date has not been revealed for Project CARS 3. The team behind the game did speak to media about their plans to improve the simulation of the game in this new iteration. “We had a concern that simulators and racing sims were kind of seen as fairly po-faced and fairly technical and fairly dry, and not welcoming. A little bit elitist, maybe,” says Pete Morrish, production director on Project CARS 3.


Going further, the team talked about tweaking the simulation with new weather effects and other changes.

“While we’ve still got what we’re renowned for, which is that amazing sandbox and toy set of loads of different cars and loads of different tracks and loads of different weather conditions that you can combine in whatever way you see fit – we popped on top of that a whole metagame, and a whole career system to really support newcomers to the franchise, and those that are maybe further down the continuum towards more casual, more “pick up and play” people, than the usual sim-head crowd.”

Fans should be a little surprised to see the series come back so soon. The last game is only a couple of years old, and this new game looks to be tooling up and trying a lot of new things. One of the bigger changes is a massively expanded career mode. Racers will take their cars through the mode across various races, with 10 vehicle classes in all, and test their mettle against other drivers.

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