Path of Exile Ascendancy Preview and Impressions

POE Ascendancy

Path of Exile from Grinding Gear Games is an excellent ARPG, taking the grinding and endless gear hunting of series like Diablo, and expertly blending it with a Free-to-Play model that doesn’t compromise the experience in favor of revenue or restrictions. The latest expansion adds so much more to an already rich experience, from new dungeon maps and items, to a variety of new features and mechanics. The most important of these new features is the Lord’s Labyrinth – a sort of roguelike challenge that you only get one life in before you have to  start the whole thing over. The Labyrinth’s layout changes daily, so in essence players get a unique, challenging experience against Emperor Izaro and his dangerous allies each day.

In addition to this smattering of new, skills, classes, levels and content, the new player Leagues offer players different challenges to overcome. Leagues in Path of Exile offer a variety of different changes to the core gameplay that players have to overcome using specialized class skill and item combinations. Ascendancy introduces Perandus Challenge Leagues. These are available to both new standard and hardcore characters, and make the leveling and exploration process significantly more entertaining. Players will encounter Perandus chests and caches as they explore, often guarded by dangerous minions. These treasure troves contain various loot, but all contain some amount of Perandus coins.

Players can collect these coins and trade them in with the Cadiro Perandus, adding to their expanding collection of powerful items and skill gems. If you don’t want what he’s hawking but have a friend who could use that amazing piece of gear, invite them into your game and have them shell out their hard earned Perandus coins. This system is a great way to get some potent epic items while you go through the leveling process, and yet another option for acquiring some really choice pieces of gear later on in the game.

The final major addition comes in the form of a variety of new traps and associated mechanics. Which while pretty simple in their construction, can be frustrating if a player errantly wanders into one of them.

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