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Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores is live now

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Teaser

Sea of Thieves has finally launched its newest expansion this week with Forsaken Shores.

The Forsaken Shores update brings a ton of new content to the game, with a big element of this new content being a new in-game region. Say hello to the Devil’s Roar. This new volcanic area is stuffed to the gills with the undead and a cadre of explosive new enemies. In terms of other gameplay-affecting content, there’s quite a lot in this update. There’s a bunch of new forces of nature including volcanoes, earthquakes, geysers, lava, superheated water. To traverse some of these new dangers, players now have access to rowboats.

Sea of Thieves is also getting a cargohold full of new quests and missions for the various in-game factions. A timed-campaign is running for the next four weeks, too, with new Merchant Alliance quests from the get-go, and Cargo Runs coming in the third week.

The team over at Rare also released a pair of promotional videos for the game and this new update. One is an overview trailer, and the other is a funny little teaser involving actor Matt Berry, check those out down below.

Sea of Thieves is available now on Xbox One and Windows PC. This Forsaken Shores campaign and content update will be available free and without charge to all Sea of Thieves players who have bought the game across the Xbox One family of devices or on Windows 10 PC. Xbox Game Pass also includes access to the game as part of its subscription.

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