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NBA 2K21 adds unskippable ads to MyTEAM loading screens

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NBA 2K21 adds unskippable ads is a headline we’ve all unfortunately heard before. Well, actually we’re just retreading the same nonsense from last year when 2K20 did the exact same thing. The game has a ton of problems with gambling, poor development, buggy releases and so much more. What’s even more insulting is that this is often just ads for gambling.

Let’s not all forget the straight-up promotion of gambling from a trailer for the mode last year. 2K is also a company that is well-known for defending putting gambling in its games. 2K can take this nonsense and shove it, there”s no way to put it besides that. As anyone with two functioning brain cells could suss out, the fans are not happy with the state of this franchise, and the genre in general. But sadly, these games continue to sell millions of units thanks to the combination of exclusivity and uncritical consumers. Sports fans just want their game, and millions don’t care about the gambling, so 2K sees that as a tacit endorsement.

All this from a company that builds the bulk of its yearly revenue off of franchises like NBA 2K, and you can see why putting ads in games is received poorly. We paid $60 to be further monetized. Once again 2K, take this stuff and shove it.

Having to confront the fact that NBA 2K21 adds unskippable ads is bad enough when it’s just random products, but the inclusion of gambling is just insulting. And it seems that load times are often consistently filled with ad breaks. You can see some examples of the ads inserted into the game in a video down below.

And this trend will keep happening. Expect ad breaks mid-game in the next generation, because EA already tried it. The worst company in gaming is quite happy UFC 4 added pop-up adverts into some of its mid-fight replays, causing warranted fan backlash. These were promptly removed by the publisher, who issued a statement apologizing for something that they clearly didn’t care about. Yeah, the big company says they’re sorry for being greedy, we don’t believe you EA.

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