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When is Update 1.19 coming to Minecraft?

Minecraft Snapshot 20W49A Patch Notes

Intrepid explorers of the many worlds of Minecraft, I have some good and bad news. There’s a ton of new stuff to fool around with coming in Minecraft 1.19. Gamers will get a bunch of new stuff to explore, including new zones and enemies. And not only that, but the features that were pushed out of 1.18 will also be rolled into this update. Called the Elements of the Wild update, we’re getting a lot of very fun things.

The Warden, a new enemy type, is being added into player worlds. This sound-sensitive enemy will stalk the player through the twisting halls of dungeons, hoping to catch them unaware. You need to stay very quiet in order to survive. A new biome is also planned with the addition of the Deep Dark, a biome filled with dangerous enemies and new mob effects. Think of a realm filled with horrifying shadow monsters and you’re not far off. And for something less spooky, frogs are finally being added to the game’s vanilla versions.

So when is this new update coming out? The bad news is, not for a good long while. The Minecraft 1.19 update does not have a firm release date, as Mojang are still working to adapt and finish off new features. Minecraft 1.19 is still a long way off, possibly months or longer. And though that does suck to hear, the wait should be worth it. Players will get a ton of new and improved features in that version. We saw this much and more in the most recent Snapshot builds from February.

But if you can’t wait at all, there’s a workaround. There are ways you can get early access to the in-progress content right now. You can do this on Bedrock Edition by swapping over to the Experimental branch in the launcher. Or you could download the Snapshot from this blog page talking about the update. Keep in mind that the builds are still a work-in-progress, so stability may not be perfect. Also, some features may not be fully polished, expect bugs and half-finished concepts in these builds.

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